Metal and Crittall Window Restoration

Crittall or steel windows are still commonplace and if in poor condition can easily be restored. Craft Glass offer a full refurbishment service, that can include the frame, glazing and all furniture, as required. We can provide bespoke ironmongery in brass, steel or even cast and replicate any mechanisms. Find out more about metal and crittal window restoration here. 

Replica Metal Windows & Furniture

We have undertaken many projects that require new hand forged furniture, but also where new flat metal casements (typically with tie bars) are needed. Traditional flat casements would have been made out of wrought iron but steel is normally used today and we can replicate most if not all that existed hundreds of years ago. Find out more about this service here

Traditional Leaded Lights

Leaded lights are a traditional glazing system that last for years. Craft Glass can manufacture new lights from scratch or restore using existing glazing. We can also refurbish decorative and stained panels. Find out more about this service here

Glass and Glazing

We stock common glass types including greenhouse, laminate and float, cut to size. We can supply sealed units and toughened to order and can also install and putty glaze as required. Find out more about this service here. 

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a very effective solution for insulation, sound proofing and security. It is a system proven to reduce heat loss by more than 60%. and is a service we supply and install to many customers. Visit our Secondary Glazing page to find out more.