Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing from Craft Glass

Secondary glazing is a very necessary addition to our portfolio, due to the many single glazed projects we undertake. As we are an independent glass company we get to select the best systems on the market and we have one of the market leaders in secondary glazing as partners.

We have installed this secondary window system into a hotel conversion project recently (pictured). The system is constructed from a strong but lightweight aluminium, and a hardwood surround so can suit the largest 3 metre bay window (pictured) down to a small single fixed pane. With a choice of glazing (e.g. toughened, acoustic), security (locks) and of course colour (RAL matched to your existing decor) the secondary glazing is a complete window in itself but still relatively unobtrusive.

Secondary Glazing main benefits

Most glazing companies would prefer you “rip and replace” your old single glazed or leaded windows. This is extremely wasteful as well as ruining historic or period features that enhance the value of a property as well as making it different and special. Secondary glazing is a fantastic solution to preserving what you have whilst providing much benefit:

  • Draught Proofing/Thermal Insulation:
    Older windows and single glazing are poor at insulating themselves and attract condensation. A secondary glazed window will reduce heat loss by over 60% and therefore reduces heating bills as well as the cold!
  • Sound Proofing:
    An equally significant benefit is reduction in noise. Whether that be road traffic, aircraft or city pollution secondary glazing can mitigate the effects by up to 80%.
  • Security:
    Often older crittall or steel windows do not have any or adequate locking and single pane leaded lights are a worry. Our secondary glazing can be fitted with modern locks and is often a visual deterrent to potential thieves.

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