Leaded Windows

Traditional Leaded Lights – manufacture or refurbish

Traditional leaded lights are an important architectural feature and very much part of our English Heritage that we try to help people preserve. Craft Glass have many years of experience both in the manufacture of new diamond or square leaded lights, and on or off site restoration (where the original glass is mainly preserved).

The projects we undertake vary from small Grade I or II listed properties to large and prestigious heritage buildings, including those owned by the National Trust. The scope of work varies from on site lead window repairs to stained glass and complex window restoration – and is carried out using traditional methods with our own staff, not outsourced.

The pieces of glass used in leaded lights are nearly always either diamond shaped or square (rectangular) and these simple geometric shapes give rise to their authentic name which is “quarries”. These are held in a framework of lead “came” with leaded light cement and soldering on every joint. To understand the full process of how leaded lights are made please see our information website: making a traditional leaded light.

Before Restoration – Lower panel into stone mullions & After Restoration, glazed

Decorative Glass Windows

A surprising number of patterned leaded light panels are actually what we would term decorative and not stained. Pictures or designs are formed using individual pieces of coloured glazing, often contoured and sat within lead cames and soldered just like a traditional leaded light.

Decorative glass panels are often found in 1920’s and 30’s doorways and sometimes incorporate a circle or piece of stained glass, or even bullions. There are still a number of very good decorative glass suppliers, with colours and varieties.

Stained Glass Windows

Unlike leaded lights stained glass windows are far more elaborate and pictorial, often depicting crests or images that are pertinent to the building or area. Because the traditional technique for putting a leaded light together is the same as a stained glass panel we can service both product areas in-house.

We also offer a stained glass design service should there be a special occasion or need to create a panel from scratch. Most of our work in this area involves conservation and restoration in listed or older property.