Craft Glass Projects

“Blacksmiths” heritage re-build project

This was a project we worked on through 2015 and involved many different processes and components which make it an interesting example of our work.

The original building had to be completely reconstructed so all existing windows that could be salvaged were removed prior to work commencing on re-build. Most of the windows were heavy original crittall with arched heads and included 2 circular windows, all of which were in very poor condition.

The project needed a small number of new replica windows made to complete the ground floor, each of which were hand forged to match. As well as full restoration and new brass furniture, all the glazing was upgraded to slimline sealed units. This involved over 250 pieces, many of which required templates (curved/shaped) and all were traditionally glazed on site after frame re-installation. Finally we installed the top floor aluminium tracery windows and front door.

This proved to be a very challenging and labour intensive project which is now in active use. It is also one of the larger double-glazed crittall installations we have completed.

Oxford University Colleges

We were lucky enough to be selected for two separate projects involving window restoration work in Mansfield College, part of Oxford University. The contract involved complete restoration of opening crittall style casements (solid brass), that contained traditional leaded lights.

We were selected due to the specialist nature of our work and expertise with listed properties and crittall restoration. The work involved many different parts of the restoration process, from repairing crittall frames and leaded lights to making new hand forged furniture. Replicating furniture is often necessary in older or listed buildings where fixtures are often broken or missing, and it is not something that can be easily sourced.

Mansfield was our first contract win in the Oxford University colleges and since then we have also worked on major projects at Oriel College (more than 200 brass casements) and St. Anthony’s College.