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Tec Glass are based in Thame, Oxfordshire and we are traditional craftsmen in the art of all that is glass.

We are different from most other glazing firms in the approach we take with our clients and the broad mix of skill sets we employ in-house.

Our work ranges from Leaded Light repairs to complete window restoration in commercial and residential markets. We are able to take on wide-ranging projects that require a mixture of products and disciplines. See services opposite.

We prefer to work with our clients on a consultative basis, without pressure. We focus on delivering the highest quality of solution available and best possible customer service - as per our Testimonials.

Tec Glass are specialists in traditional and crittall window restoration. Our projects are many and varied but often involving listed or prestigious properties from both residential and commercial clients. We can offer sound advice based on many years experience of window refurbishment.

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Traditional Glazing Specialists

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Tec Glass have been based in Thame for over 5 years now, during which time we have expanded into 3 buildings in our location.

We continue to have a high work volume in both residential and commercial contracts. We are also increasing our visibility with architects firms and major construction companies, through the quality of our work and specialist knowledge.

Recent projects include renovation of the crittall windows & doors in an old aircraft control tower, replacing over 900 panes of glass in an academic institution, and restoration of leaded and crittall windows at a Grade II listed Grammar School.

We welcome a new external works manager in May 2016, who is very experienced and keen to help us expand.